CrowdSearch 750,000 Credits Review :$10000 Bonuses

Crowd Search

How to use?

CrowdSearch improves your search ranking by letting Google know to rank your website higher. For example, if your keyword is “Blue Widgets” and your website is currently in the 59th position of Google’s organic search index for that keyword, by searching for that keyword, finding your site in the 59th position, visiting your site and then spending a significant amount of time browsing your site and clicking internal links, this shows Google that people value your content for that search phrase. Google places a lot of authority on who’s getting visited for specific search phrases.

Finally, you have the opportunity to become one of the few marketers who has an unfair advantage over your competition with this one of a kind search engine ranking powerhouse.

If you currently have anything to do with ranking websites and videos online or you would like to start you will need crowd search technology as part of your strategy in order to beat your competition.

In SECONDS, Easily Create Your First Campaign and Start Boosting Your Rankings to The First Page of Google.


Uses SmartRank™ Technology

Our Advanced Algorithm first determines your current keyword position in Google. It then looks at the overall search volume for this keyword and determines the perfect # of searches and dwell time required to boost you up higher. The system constantly evaluates your keyword position and adjusts to keep boosting you up higher. And it does this all Automatically!


Built in Daily Keyword Tracking

Track Your Keyword Rank Movement Directly within your dashboard Included with your CrowdSearch Account. Similar Keyword Ranking Software Would Cost You Just As much for the price of CrowdSearch alone!

Tracks Google, Bing, Yahoo, & YouTube.

Keyword Rank is Highly Accurate, Updated Every 24 Hours, and Tracked Weekly & Monthly!

Keyword Finder Technology

How would you like to know all the URLs and Keywords That Your Site Already Ranks For?

Keyword Finder is able to scan the search engines to find which Keywords you are already ranked for and simultaneously turn that into a CrowdSearch campaign so you can receive automatic traffic to Boost it even higher!


Below are testimonies and reviews from actual real life customers who have purchased this product.

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