CHATTERPAL REVIEW : How to increase website sales

ChatterPal Review – Overview

Vendor: Paul Ponna

Product: ChatterPal

Launch Date: 2019-Feb-28

Launch Time: 15:00 EST

Front-End Price: $47

Recommend: Highly Recommend

Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Niche: Software

What is a ChatterPal?

It is a production of Paul Ponna and Sid Tiwar. It provides the ability to add visitor contacts to any website through the advanced chat bot and news system.
It features a “Smart Chat Automation” and an “Interactive 3D Avatar”, and trust that they have no other chat application on the market compared to this chatterbox.
You can add it to any website to increase sales instantly, I think this is the biggest advantage.
You can create smart chat animations in any language.

Features of ChatterPal

  • I have never seen a chat with so many features at such a reasonable price. I will come back to the price later, but first discuss the features.
  • Smart A.I. Chat automation
  • It’s A.I. No man needs to communicate with customers. Chatterboat handles it easily.
  • Chat templates
  • Enable and sort ready-made chat templates.
  • Click Logo Mapping
  • Trade 3D avatars with your own logos and images. The logo will automatically embrace the movement of the avatar and complete your website for a lifetime
  • Speech to text
  • It has over 100 voices in 25 languages ​​and the premium new DTS voices are Amazon
  • Alexa and Google Home
  • Interactive 3D avatars
  • They have male, female and animal incarnations, and they have incarnations of all ages, backgrounds, and ethics to attract a diverse audience.
  • Email / data auto-capture technology
  • Automatically collects visitor emails, names and any information they enter in the chat and stores it beautifully in a CSV.
  • Intelligent analysis machine
  • It provides real-time feedback and in-depth analysis of chat changes, geolocation, engagement and more.
  • Revolutionary direct-connection technology
  • Place Chatterballs on any 3rd party website. It enhances changes in parallel landing pages, bridge pages and more to increase sales, traffic and results.
  • Built-in language translation (go global)
  • It can convert chat to any language with a single click.

Benefits of ChatterPal

  • Easy to set up.
  • Easy to use.
  • It uses AI.
  • Maximum global access
  • High contact and low bounce rate.
  • Works seamlessly on any device
  • evils
  • Sorry no glitches

Price of ChatterPal

You will have to spend $ 47 to access this software. This is not a big price in terms of the functions it offers. You will not only get new methods, new campaigns, videos, but also valuable bonuses to be more successful.

ChatterPal Business Features

  • Get additional ways / changes: without websites, landing pages, activities or opt-in forms More conversations on other sites!
  • Maximum access and improvement: Create unlimited chatterballs in any language with one click translation!
  • Run sales traffic: Use interactive 3D avatars and smart chats to close sales / tracks, handle objections, take orders, handle book appointments and support duties – automatically!
  • Save time and money: Replace staff or virtual staff!
  • One click logo mapping
  • Internal instant language translation
  • Next generation text-to-speech technology
  • Smart Analytics Engine
  • Revolutionary direct-connection technology
  • 43 Life-like 3D-animated avatar characters
  • Pre-made chat stream templates and easy customization
  • Customized 3D chat agent
  • Fantastic set of elements that flow in your chat and emoticons that attract attention
  • Turn any green screen video into an interactive human chat agent
  • Unlimited cloud hosting

How does ChatterPal work?

  • Grab your audience
  • Contact them and answer their questions
  • Lead them to your sales funnel or store checkout page
  • Done – Rinse and Repeat!

Business Benefits of ChatterPal

* Easy to use – with our ultra-intuitive interface and pre-written chat flow templates, drive your first 3D avatar chat agent to your site – in minutes!

* Easy to set up: just paste in the code snippet of your website or use our direct link technology to instantly add chatterball to any site you want

* Set up an agent for each department: one chat agent should handle sales, another handles support issues, and so on. Chatterball can handle any on-site job you need!

* Advanced technology: Utilizing the latest innovations in AI, 3D-animation, text-to-speech and instant translation. No other application is close to the market – at any price!

* Maximum global access: Targeting specific markets or languages? Chatterball allows you to communicate with visitors and customers in any language – with one click!

* High contact and low bounce rate – guaranteed

* Works seamlessly on any device

* Access the Chatterball Secure Dashboard via any web browser. It’s hosted in Google’s cloud – no software installation or downloads required!

Advantages and Disadvantages

➢    Pros
Nothing to install or download
Work in any language
Commercial license
Everything is done automatically
Easy to use without pro technical skills
➢    Cons
You need to check the good internet connection to avoid the interruption in working process.

Who Should You Buy It?

Many people and marketers can take advantages of ChatterPal. I can list some types of marketers below.
E-commerce and website owners: Using it to offer discounts and coupons to boost sales
Local businesses and health care professionals: Book appointments via automated chat
Food stores, or online groceries: Take clients’ orders via automated chat
List builders: Build Smart chat flows to offer customers support, collect emails and information.

My Final Review on ChatterPal

In my point of view, ChatterPal is very incredible for anyone who wishes to bank account from business online. With this tool, you can boost sales and leads in several industries. I highly recommend it to all of you. As an experienced user, I advise you to buy it if you want to develop business without the least of effort.

In fact, this investment is profitable and risk-free because you have the 30-day money back guarantee. Within a month of using, if you see this product is not suitable for you or there is any problem happens, you can request to take the fund back. At the end of my ChatterPal Review, I hope you find something useful and make a wise decision. I wish you success and good luck!
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