PLR Stream Monthly Membership Honest Review


What is PLR Stream?

PLR STREAM is a video streaming app that lets you embed hosted PLR videos in same way you do embed your YouTube Video. If you have been thinking what this is all about then you are bout to find out once you finish reading out PLR STREAM.

This is the world’s first hosted PLR video streaming application have come across. All you need is just to copy and paste embedded video codes wherever /anywhere, and these included blog posts, membership sites , webpages, online courses and as well as websites.  

 At present PLR STREAM has no competition and this why we had to carry out PLR STREAM  in other to let people know of the great innovation and useful PLR product on earth, as it enables user to easily and quickly create multitude of products fast. And with over 9,000 embedded videos on the app for you to use on your sites, products and pages! A lot of content for your popular niches i.e. Business, weight loss and fitness. In this PLR STREAM it’s important to inform that there are No Limits and No Ads!

It shows that there are no complicated set and also no technical skills needed to become a member.

PLR Stream gives you an endless video content at your fingertips ……easy to you and it’s all 100% done for you ready to go.


Starting with these 3 Simple Steps:

Step 1 : Set Your Allowed Domains

Step 2 : Copy Video Embed Codes
Step 3 : Paste Video Embed Codes
 PLR Stream is an online platform that hosts the best and newest PLR marketing video products. You are able to watch all the different videos on this site, and you have the ability to copy and paste the HTML code of all the videos so you can embed them into your own website, pages or products.

You might ask yourself why you would want to do this as you could easily download videos from regular PLR membership sites?

Well, the traditional problem with PLR videos is that most of the time the files are larger, so you just can’t email these files to your customers. On top of that, it’s difficult to host all these files onto your own server, because these larger files will slow down your website.

At the time of writing this review PLR Stream hosts over 9000 videos and new videos will be added on a regular basis.

PLR Stream could very well be the “100% done for you” business solution that you were looking for, because it eliminates the time, knowledge and the headaches that are involved with product creation. As soon as you’ve embedded the videos onto your pages, you can start selling them immediately as if they were your own.

There are several ways to monetize embedded PLR video content, such as creating membership sites, training courses, product pages,sales bundles/bonuses, affiliate bonuses, video blogs and E-learning courses, just to name a few.

So what do you obtain with a PLR Stream Membership

  • Over 9000 videos and counting, all these videos were hand picked and previewed to maintain a high quality standard
  • Unlimited video embeds and video bandwidth. Embed your videos on up to 3 different domains, all with no limitations or extra fees.
  • Copy and paste your videos onto every site of your choice without having to worry about your own hosting limitations
  • Say goodbye to technical issues and hosting complexities. Spend your time creating products instead of solving problems
  • Get involved in different niches and offer multiple product types with minimal efforts
  • This is by far the easiest and fastest way to build your products line and brand yourself

So for what types of businesses is PLR Stream Membership

Well, I really can’t see any restrictions here. PLR Stream could be beneficial for you whether you’re a blogger, video marketer, product creator, online teacher, affiliate marketer, membership site owner or any other online business.

What is the price of a PLR Stream Membership

A PLR Stream Membership comes at a price of $23/Month.

But think of the money that you could save. No more costly tier 1 hosting plansno more monthly membership payments of regular PLR sites and most importantly think about the amount of time you will save setting up products and uploading videos if you stick with the traditional way!

PLR Stream Membership Review



The reason isn’t far fetch, because while everyone is trying to figure out what to do with those large and unusable PLR video files, PLR STREAM has made it easy peasy just by simply cutting and pasting functionality…

These includes:

  • No Large Files to Deal With
  • No Technical Skills Needed
  • No Complicated Setup
  • No Expensive Bandwidth / Hosting


PLR video Solution is Quick, Easy and Lightweight. With this noting else is needed in other to get started 

  • Refresh and Update Existing Membership Sites
  • Create Online and E-Learning Course
  • Create New Membership Sites
  • Add Videos to Webpages
  • Create Unlimited Bundles and Bonuses
  • Add Videos to Blog Posts
  • Create Unique Training Course
  • Create Product Resale and E-commerce Sites
  • Create Lead Magnets and Build Email Lists

PLR Stream Features:

  1. Largest PLR Video Library Online: With over 9,000 high quality videos and counting. All of which we have previewed and hand-selected to be in our exclusive library.
  2. Rapid Product Deployment: It has never easier than now to work with PLR videos! This means that you can create products faster than ever before.
  3. Keeps Customers on Your Site: You will gain instant credibility” hosting” your videos on your sites, and giving your customers instant access to them.
  4. Uncomplicated Your Marketing Efforts: You can kiss technical issues and hosting complexities goodbye. Spend your time creating and not problem solving.
  5. Make Money While Saving Money: Enjoy the highest return on investment” RIO” of your time and money. Fantastic price, minimal effort, all with HUGE result.
  6. Expand Your Authority and Reach: Easily branch out into multiple niches and offer multiple product types with just minimal effort. Leave no opportunity uncovered.
  7. Unlimited Everything: Unlimited video embeds. Unlimited video bandwidth. Embed your videos on up 3 different domains, all with no limitations or extra fees cost.
  8. Endless Product Creation: There is almost no limit to the types and varieties of products that you can create, all with simple copy and paste functionality.


I know it sounds stupid but with PLR STREAM  this isn’t a joke! Its so easy to get started and be embedding your videos within minutes after signing up.

Why Does This Matters? 

Your time is limited. Your time shouldn’t be wasted on unfruitful efforts. Your is money. So PLR STREAM has taken it’s time and effort needed, so there is no guess work and also no tricks left for you to figure.



PLR STREAM is by far the easiest solution when it comes to generating passive income. We have done the PLR STREAM  to tell our readers that In JUST MINUTES, you can start ad create unlimited products and bundles, and sell them through your automated funnels or sale systems.

Even better yet, you can sell membership to your very own membership sites that you have created out of thin air!

When you talk about passive income is all about making money from home or anywhere even while you sleep, swim, shop, eat or even on vacation.

Doesn’t ends there because with PLR STREAM one can now create bundles and bonuses for their customers or affiliates easier than ever.

How Much Would This Cost If You Bought This Separately?

Just for fun, let’s say that you wanted to create your “own” PLR Stream site. What would that cost you?

Tier 1 Video Hosting


Broad Access To PLR Products


Time Spent Setting Up & Uploading


The Total Monthly Cost To Do It Yourself… And That’s Only If You Count Your Time At Just A Measly $10/hour To Setup And Upload…

$100 + $50 + $200 = $350 Per Month!

Or, You Can Let PLR Stream Do All Of The Heavy Lifting For You… At Only A Fraction Of the Cost!!

Best Of All, PLR Stream Is The 100% Done-For-You Video Solution That Costs Just $23/Month!

Regular Price — $47/Mo

VERY Limited Time Offer — $23/mo

  • Embed Videos On Up To 3 Domains
  • Unlimited Embeds
  • Unlimited Streams/Bandwidth
  • Access To Over 9,000 Videos
  • Download & Save All Product Files
  • No Terms, Cancel Any Time

Take note one important thing — the unbelievable low monthly fee of $23 is only an introductory offer that won’t last forever.

If you sign up now for $23 a month, you will pay that for forever! isn’t that great?

After this offer disappears, you will be paying $47 a month like everyone else, which is still a bargain by any standards. Why wait? You have nothing at all to lose.


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With all research and write up it will be wrong for me to say this product doesn’t worth it! Yes it DOES WORTH IT…..

This PLR STREAM  was carried out with quality and concrete facts for our reviewers to clearly understand more about this product.

So what are you waiting for ? become a member of PLR STREAM right now. Hit the links and start your way to making unlimited bundles and bonuses right away. As there have never been any type of product with video streaming app that lets you embed hosted PLR videos in same way you do embed your YouTube Video.

Regarding the cost i believe its ok for such product especially with over 9,000 embedded videos on the app for you to use on your sites, products and pages i say it’s a good one.


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 My Bonus Package For This PLR Stream Membership Review

BONUS 1: Build Your Own WordPress Membership Site

Advanced video tutorial on how to build your very own membership site using free tools. Embed all your video courses on this membership site and create a monthly recurring income stream.

BONUS 2: Traffic 101 – Learn Multiple Strategies To Get Traffic To Your Web Pages

In this bundle you will find 4 reports and 10 videos that will show you how to get targeted traffic to your offers and pages


PLR Stream Membership Review Bonus 2

BONUS 3: How To Create An E-Course In Less Than A Week

Learn how to create your own e-courses in under 7 days. This blueprint will guide you step by step through the process of product creation.


PLR Stream Membership Review Bonus
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